What is the Snowy Wings online store?

This store is a location where our authors are able to sell you copies of their books (and book-related merchandise!) directly. This enables them to offer options like signing and personalizing the books, and is the best way to support your favorite author, since they get 100% of the revenue!

What are your shipping rates?

Our shipping rates vary by location—both the buyer’s location and the author’s. Not all of our authors are based in the US; several of our authors live in Canada, Great Britain, and Europe. We have calculated shipping based on the actual cost of sending a book from their location to yours. Unfortunately, we do not have international freight options as each of the authors is selling as an individual, so what you get is what we get at our local post office.

If you want to estimate shipping for any particular book to your location, just add it to your cart and tell it to calculate shipping!

Do you combine shipping?

Unfortunately, we do not currently have a way to combine shipping. If you would like to purchase multiple items, our authors may be able to refund you any difference depending on what the actual shipping cost comes out to. If you are looking at international shipping (which obviously is going to be high regardless), please contact us before you buy to see if the author might be able to arrange an outside purchase that combines the shipping rates. 🙂